Shopify Web Design & Development in Bangkok Thailand with Set up Payment Gateways Integration services

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JC is No.1st leading Shopify Web Design & Development in Bangkok Thailand and Shopify official Partner since 9/2014 providing Set up, Design, Dev(Coding) and Payment Gateways Integration and free consulting services. We have listed on Shopify set up and marketing expert partner in Shopify website.

The real leading & Well known Shopify agency is JadeCommercecenter.We can migrate or move you from Magento, Wordpress, Prestashop etc. to Shopify very fast. No worried about any loss data along your transferring.

Shopify is the world class leading Ecommerce Cloud Solutions with robust plat form that supporting Ecommerce Businesses and Ecommerce Online Store owners of all sizes both SMEs and Enterprise. For Enterprise Ecommerce Shopify Platform called Shopify Plus that is well known among big brands, you can request for a trial with us and enjoy our free consulting life time.

Open Shopify unlimited days free trial with us and get free consulting services on set up your Shopify store. So many clients open Shopify account with us and using our set up & coding & development services eg.,,,, etc. 

We provide Shopify integration services with Enterprise Inventory management, E-Market Place, Shopify Back up, ERP, CRM , your in house POS, Sales & Marketing or custormer services system.

Free Email for business set up services (You pay only for usage monthly fee, For TXT and MX record set up we would get it all done for you) for store owners that use our services. If you not use our services you can use it too but we will charge you for set up your business email accounts. The email system we are offering have large storage that you don't have to delete any email in your inbox and have very high security.

Shopify web design & development in Bangkok Thailand

You can search on Shopify directories to see that agency that you are dealing with is real Shopify expert partner or not at Shopify website on Shopify expert section.

Shopify web design & development in Bangkok Thailand

I used to picked up a call from clients that hire some website agency that claim they done a lot of Shopify website but can't complete with some website customize tasks eg. Two languages Shopify website.

Shopify web development coding

At JadeCommercecenter we are the real Shopify expert that have real experiences with many ecommerce store owners in Bangkok Thailand. We not just talking that we experiences with many clients but we do have them for real.

Shopify web design & development in Bangkok Thailand

We also partnered with Shopify Payment Gateways that can use in Thailand and have real experiences integrate them eg. Omise, Credit card (Have experience integrate with client store), Internet banking - Bangkok bank, SCB, KBANK, Krung Thai, UOB, CIMB TH (On the way to integrate with clients store) and Alipay (Have experience integrate with client online store).

Shopify web design & development in Bangkok Thailand

Shopify theme tweaks, We have real experiences on tweaking Shopify theme for ecommerce online store owners in Bangkok Thailand a lot, not just said that we are well known but we are really well known in Thailand among people who use Shopify here, as you can check our jobs that we have done and finished them a lot on our social medias eg. Facebook fan pages, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblur and our website here.

We do Shopify and offer you to move from Magento, Opencart, Wordpress and Presta Shop to more robust platform that is Shopify.

As Shopify Expert Partner, we are not recommend you to move from Shopify to other platform like others that may be try to move you from using Shopify to other platform that they are good at it.

We provide migration services from other services to Shopify. Or you want to use both Shopify and Wordpress then we have experiences in integration Wordpress with Shopify so you can use both platform at the same time, if you wanted too.

Shopify Omise Payment Gateways Integration Bangkok Thailand

We set up Omise Payment Gateway for clients in Bangkok Thailand and we are the one who always find new payment gateways for Shopify and fight to get new payment gateways in Thailand for more than 4 years and today we have many payments services to offer you now.

So when you found some website agencies said that there are well know Shopify Partner and have complete many jobs then I would like you to check them carefully that they are truely expert or not to avoid any problems that you may got.

Shopify Alipay eGHL Payment Gateways Bangkok Thailand

The picture above showing that we have set up Shopify Payment Gateways for our clients to sell their products in Chaina market using Alipay.

The video above show that we success connect eGHL with Shopify system. Even you already have Shopify store you can use our eGHL Payment Gateways Integration services for free.


We have experience in Alipay Payment Gateways integration services in Bangkok Thailand and we are eGHL official channel partner in Thailand providing set up and integration services for Shopify store owners. You can pay eGHL directly and get our services.

You can check for Shopify online store websites that we are working with or used to working with to see that we have real experiences and not fake. Also can check many Shopify theme tweaks that we have done for Shopify store owners in Bangkok Thailand.

Don't have Payment Confirm form? and Tracking system? we can create it for you and set it on your pages. Don't need to pay for any Apps monthly fee. The video above show our successful in integrate Payment Confirm and Tracking System on our clients store. You can get it too.

Shopify two languages? Yes, we can set up Shopify two languages or more than two languages for you with checkout pages in languages that you want. Also can detect ip from country that your website traffic or your customers coming in and change languages based on those countries.

Shipping services with the best rate? Yes we have, This services are coming soon. We have well known shipping companies based in Thailand that would offer you their best rate. You can connect it to your shopify store or use it at our website called   

We also have Shopify SEO services for store ownes to get the best rank in search resaults. This service called SEO on page fix and website speed audit.

Etsy store owner? Welcome we can sync your products from Etsy to Shopify store for you or add new products on Shopify and set up all Shopify store for you.

We do Shopify free support for store owners and Shopify Entrepreneurs that open Shopify store with us and a lot of them that not open store or buy any things from us but we do a lot on support and answer questions everydays for years.

Shopify Expert Web Design & Development in Bangkok Thailand.

You can request for unlimited days free trail with us.If you set up Shopify Ecommerce website yourselves and need some help or consultant then you can chat with us. We have help a lot of Shopify store owners just like you since 9/2014 that we have been Shopify expert partner. 

We're doing Shopify support not only in Bangkok Thailand but our support is world class and go international now. You can see our team support a lot of Shopify store owners around the globe. You can ask us to see that it's real or not.

WhatsApp business: +66815736943

LINE ID: @jadecommerce (have @)

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