How to add the image link block to Shopify home page.

How to add the image link block to Shopify home page and add it inside theme customize.

How to add image link block to Shopify home page.

At 'settings_schema.json' file insert these codes that look like these lines below.

"type": "text",
"id": "link_section_2",
"label": "Link For Section 2",
"default": "\/"

Shopify homepage image link 2

As in the picture above you can see me add it on line 3885. Before adding this codes this theme not have the image link block. After adding this codes then the image link block have been shown.

Shopify homepage image link 3

The image on Section 2 can be link to any pages that you wanted too now.

How I know that it's using these codes? 
- I've looked for the codes at 'link_section_1'...and more on 'settings_schema.json' file
- Copy it to Section 2.

Shopify homepage image link 4

You have to check the codes in index file too.
-I've found that Section 2 not have codes for image linking like Section 1.
-I've found that Section 3 link with Section 1 (When you click on image Section 3 then it would follow the link in Section 1 block.) so if I want Section 3 to link to the link that I inserted then I've to change the code to link to it.

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