Shopify Top Expert Thailand use Marketing Developer concept to increase ability of Shopify in Content Management System.

Shopify Top Expert Thailand use Marketing Developer concept to increase ability of Shopify in Content Management System (CMS). To make its system more advance to drive more traffic to your Shopify store.

Shopify Developer

We're Shopify Top Setup and Marketing Expert in Thailand.And for many long time and many years and days that we try to promote Shopify days and nights.

Shopify Top Expert in Thailand is or

Shopify top expert in Thailand
Today we have combine two solutions Shopify+CMS (Wordpress) for increasing ability of Shopify on content management system. This services is not just installing apps but we do some customise that we call JCSMDCMS ( Shopify Marketing Development base on Content Management System.) 

This services can increasing more easy process to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on Shopify blog, Tumblr, Wordpress and so many more CMS that you connected it with Shopify.

We have opened this solutions in 2016 and get suddenly good response that so many Entrepreneurs wanted to use it.

We've a lot of works to get it all done in term of JCSMD concept. It's the concept to combine Shopify + Marketing + Developer to make the system have more abilities in digital marketing or internet marketing. This services is not free and have a cost of development that if you pay our team suitable budget then we could develop your system to have more performance.

It's not just installed applications but It's every things that could make the systems more better in marketing and development process. It's not that Shopify is not good on marketing, sale and services ( Shopify have many good applications on sale, marketing and services) but our team can make it better by develop more on those apps or writing new apps that tailor made just for your store.

This store have some development or customization. This is only the basic steps or phases that have more marketing development plans to go.

Take Home Design
We use sub domain name eg. to installed CMS system like wordpress or it could be Joomla, Drupal or any kind of CMS that is opensource or the system that you develop it all new using PHP, HTML5, Laravel or Bootstrap etc.

Take Home Design_2
We put Shopify buy button on every pages that we wanted to put it. In the picture above we set the product page on wordpress and then put all products in it.

Take Home Design_3
On wordpress collection page we put Shopify buy button on it too. This way we could show all collections on those categories. 

Take Home Design Shopify Buy Button
On wordpress post page we put Shopify Buy Button on every page. This would lead huge traffic on your Wordpress website and Shopify website too.


About Inventory technology we connected JC+Shopify+Wordpress+ZORT and we considered as the best platform for SMEs because it can be connected both with LAZADA and Shopify and It can help you solve your problem on your inventory management jobs that you can manage your inventory correctly with no headache anymore. 

For Enterprise software for now we use TRADEGECKO INVENTORY  and ZOHO INVENTORY to manage inventory better or what you would like to use it's up to your consideration and evaluation.

We also working with those inventory systems as mentioned and I'm an official partner in Thailand for almost solutions that we have services. We help SMEs and Enterprise connected with the best solutions and customize or develop it using our team knowledge and specialize in the system and solutions.

About CRM system we have CustomerConnect BPM that we could develop it for you too or you can choose another CRM that you like. Even you want Project Management solutions we also have the best system and can service you too. eg. or other project management solutions. We can working with all the solutions but focusing on some solutions.


We've have setup some advance security that it can be more advance using more backup technology and technique. By using it our team have specialist officers to service you.We have backup team & DDos protection team that manage by people that have advance knowledge in IT security. 

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