JadeCommerceCenter Shopify Setup and Marketing Expert in Thailand use the best technology developed for your online store.

JadeCommerceCenter Shopify Setup and Marketing Expert in Thailand using all the best technology developed for your online store. It very long way and try so hard to become Shopify Expert. And today I have this two positions to guarantee that we have knowledge on how to build Shopify E-commerce website and run marketing online or digital marketing for your online store.  

It's not easy and take hours that I, the owner of this two position climb up to be an Expert of Shopify E-commerce solution system. I'm the original of Shopify setup and marketing expert official partner with the best technology development in part of increasing its ability to get more clients coming to buy your products or services but you have to give us appropriate budget for our team to manage it for you or buying our consulting services. We couldn't do all the high technology developing and high technique just for free for you. We can't be growing up if no one support or just a little support and try to get the best technology, It's impossible because everything have cost and we do have cost on running it too, The price of hiring skillful people to serve you and managing your projects is not cheap.If you see us or our partner asking for consulting fee, you can be sure that our services is highly performance for your business eg. the training fee of CRM at 25,000THB/person or 15,000THB/manday to service you. This is the quality price that you have to pay for because our partner using only the best officers to serve you with real strong knowledge of CRM processes and development.  

Shopify Setup Expert Thailand

I always try new way to promote Shopify and get clients to come to use our Shopify developer services, offering many new technologies and service called Shopify Marketing Developer (SMD), This is no position in Shopify expert system, It's the name that I use to call my developer technology services that have been created by my team for our client such as Shopify+Wordpress, This is one of our developed technique using opensource to enhance content management system in Shopify system to generate more lead or customers to your online store.

CMS Wordpress SEO friendly-2

To be success on this process you have to connected with one of the best consultant like our team.We could sale the system that we created for you and your digital marketing department can take place and using our set of technology and technique to create more traffic driving to your products or services.We have customised wordpress to be more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly that make our system have more chance to mange to get on the first page of search results.

CMS Wordpress SEO friendly

For doing this kind of setup you have to spend appropriately budget for us to create it and we also have security technology installed for you on CMS site control. This technology you have to use people that have strong knowledge in security for incase that your website have been targeted from Hacker or Attacker that want to take your website down.We using the only the best host service provider for our client with the best new technology to manage hosting.

Shopify Setup Expert Thailand

We're on process of delivering our technology to one client right now and this is only the first step of our Shopify Marketing Developer processes that hard to be copied because it managing by our team that have strong knowledge and know how and using so many skills that gettered years by years of developer plus marketing in term of Shopify system and wordpress.

Shopify Marketer or Maketing Experts Thailand

Today Shopify start to be well known and  famous in Thailand country among the Entrepreneur that interested in using Shopify platform because it have solve many of their problem on managing online store with many reasons such as E-mail Notification system, POS, and Inventory management etc.


I'm the leading of creating new technology or integrate new technology using Shopify platform that hard to be copied just like our core technology partner that they have strong team and know how of their own that hard to be copied too. About serving traffic to website without using advertising I could get it done and have been doing it all the time so I've this kind of strange too. That make me unique and standing as a leader in the industry here in Thailand for many years now.

365 everyday in everyway

The price of consulting with us higher more than many places just because that we do have many skills people in our team and I'm the one that have skills in many parts such as SEO, Advertising, Social Media Monitoring, Software specialist, and much more. I know how to use all the technology and combine it together and I so much believed that I can't be here without good team and partner so I partnered with only the best technology services provider and people that have real skills in all kind of digital marketing development and creators with good heart of helping our clients and helping us achieve our goal.       

CRM Cloud CustomerConnect BPM

Today we've connected with our strong partner in technology such as CRM on Cloud, Inventory on Cloud to help driving your business to the next level of E-Commerce system management sale, marketing and inventory control.

With strong knowledge and CRM development ability including implementation, integration and training. CRM-C (CRM and Cloud Consulting Co.,Ltd.) is one of the best choice for you on delivery the latest technology to manage your customer big data.Today they have developed their own technology of CRM called CustomerConnect BPM  to help all SMEs and Enterprise business in Thailand.

You would have all the best system plug in to your business and run your business smoothly. I'm once used to be their officer in the team of business development so I knew that people their working so hard and they have strong knowledge on what they do and they're hard to copy and being the leader in CRM on Cloud technology.And we are official partner with CustomerConnect BPM based in Thailand right now.

JadeCommerce Partner  ZORT About ZORT, This amazing start up business on Inventory Cloud would lead you to new world of managing your inventory online and get connected with all many E-marketplace in Thailand and manage your inventory on one place. 

If you would like to use application like ZORT. You have to pay higher price for using it and it still not connected to many E-marketplace in Thailand right now and it's not understand SMEs in Thailand just like ZORT understand.

For me I'm the leader in using Shopify technology in Thailand and now I've been partnered to all major technology both in Thailand and another country to serving all the best technology to our clients that come to use our services.

In 2016 this year we also offer Shopify connect with CMS like Wordpress to increase content management system ability in Shopify and drive more traffic to your store. Our team they are the best in develop technology for your online store and very hard to copy all of their skills. You would not know what we serve and develop for our paid clients that have budget to invest in our developed technology.

Shopify Setup & Marketing Expert Thailand Trial

I have big intention to develop and create Shopify store to the next level so I'm only connected with the best technology in this E-Commerce industry.

Today I'm searching for clients that believed in our team and services and give us appropriately budget to managing the budget to deliver the best technologies customised and developed for you. I do have one client that start using our Shopify Marketing Developer technology right now and I believed that there would be more client using our services this year.

I hope that you all would support me to deliver all the technology to you and driving your business to the next level, managing big data and running fast on the cloud.

Aissarapan (Jade) Bunnag
Shopify Setup & Marketing Expert Official Partner.
Thailand & Asia.

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